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Ideal Remake

Oct 15, 2018

You know what ol' Jack Burton always says, it's time for a new episode of Ideal Remake! This time it's BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA!!

Joining me today are Robert Paterno (@Robert_Paterno) and Justus Perry (@herobotic)!

We talk about representation, what the movie does poorly and what it does well! We talk about monsters...

Oct 8, 2018

Mini Episode announcing the next week's movie selection for the podcast. So do your homework and be ready to break this movie down!



Sam Gasch - @samgasch

Artwork: Lindsay Lleras:

Theme Song: Rebel Spies "Not Dead, Not Yet" from the album Rise!:

Oct 1, 2018


*cues music*

We're talking about peak-90s here people! This is a movie based on a video game based on an actual realm-defending martial arts tournament that happened in the late-80s.

And to guide us through this madness we have Alex Caine (@acaine47) a fantastic comedian and wonderful nerd...

Sep 17, 2018

Would you like to know more?

Here at Ideal Remake, we are proud to present the episode that you've been training for! Our soldiers do their darnedest to protect this podcast from the evil clutches of the bugs from SPACE!!


Oh we watched it! For Sam (@SamGasch), it was his first viewing, and for...

Sep 3, 2018


Yes, Rex Manning Day! The exciting day in every record stores life when a creepy old weirdo who was famous once comes in to sign things for people who admire them. And we're talking about it!

Empire Records is absolutely a 90s classic! It is the distilled essence of the 90s boiled down and...