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Ideal Remake

Mar 5, 2018

It's a mystery! Mike and Sam are back at it with special guest Ryan Budds (@ryanbudds & @TriviaWithBudds) to talk about one of the movies with a recently announced remake: Clue! Together they discuss what would and would not be needed in order to make this remake successful!


Mr. Bobbitt and Colonel Gasch are joined by Dir. Budds. They delve in the hidden corridors and and passageways of cinema glory. They talk about trivia and murder mysteries and what makes Mr. Bobbitt such a tender lover.


Both of those! And also, everyone dies!

Tune in and find out which one of these it is!


Ryan Budds - @ryanbudds and @TriviawithBudds


Sam Gasch - @samgasch

Mike Bobbitt - @offthemike

Artwork: Lindsay Lleras:

Theme Song: Rebel Spies "Not Dead, Not Yet" from the album Rise!: