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Ideal Remake

Jan 7, 2019

Wolfman does indeed have Nards.

It's the Shane Black Holiday special! And we're talking about MONSTER SQUAD!! Joining Sam this week is past guest and award-winning horror director Kevin Mosteller (@KevMostStellar, @BrdrlineCriminl)!

Kevin loved this movie as a kid and I first saw it a few years ago. When we both returned to this movie we had... thoughts. But we end up with an fantastic remake that I can't wait to watch! ... Someday!

But for now, check out this episode and get into the Shane Black holiday spirit!

NOTE: This movie does not take place at Christmas.


Kevin Mosteller - @KevMostStellar, @BrdrlineCriminl


Host: Sam Gasch - @samgasch

Artwork: Lindsay Lleras:

Theme Song: Rebel Spies "Not Dead, Not Yet" from the album Rise!: