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Ideal Remake

Jun 11, 2018

Shout out to all my peeps who have that opening theme song permanently stuck in their heads!

It's Barbarella! (bar-bar-barella. GRRR GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!)

Joining me are two of my oldest friends in the world Brad Bultman (@BradfordStudios) and Claire Mulkerin (@ClaireMulkerin)! I've known these two nerds since highschool. Claire was my first DM. Or is it GM? I dunno. But she is also the one who taught me that Savage Worlds is WAY better than D&D. DEAL WITH IT NERDS!!

And Claire wanted to talk about Barbarella, so we are talking about this sci-fi "classic"! And boy did we have a lot to say.

Barbarella bar-bar-barella ba ba. Barella! bar-bar-barella!



Claire Mulkerin - @ClaireMulkerin

Brad Bultman - @BradfordStudios


Sam Gasch - @samgasch

Artwork: Lindsay Lleras:

Theme Song: Rebel Spies "Not Dead, Not Yet" from the album Rise!: